Charles E Brown; a Manx Man at War

Isle of Man World war 1 History


On April 20th 1915 Charles joined the British Army at the Recruitment Office in Douglas, Isle of Man. His age was given as eighteen years and nine months. The attestation form gives his height as five feet nine inches and his chest, expanded, as thirty five inches. He weighed 128 pounds, or nine stones two pounds. He was therefore not a big man, indeed at that age he had hardly stopped growing nor had chance to broaden out. Today his build would be described as "slight."

The medical report, which surely must have accompanied the attestation form, states that he had a scar on his right kneecap, and a further scar on the inside of his right thigh. No cause of these injuries is of course given; they were distinguishing marks which could help to identify him if the worst came to the worst.

His occupation was given as a grocer, and one can imagine that he was either employed in a grocery store or perhaps assisted with deliveries.

Charles was surprisingly appointed to the Royal Scots Regiment, 14th Division, which at the time was based in Weymouth.

The 14th Battalion was created in Weymouth in November 1914, initially as a service battalion. In May 1915 it was converted into a Reserve Battalion at Stobs in the Scottish borders.

  Douglas, Isle of Man, 1908